İnanç Zeytinci


Has been working with Turkish learners in Istanbul since 2009.


We conduct our Turkish lessons by using English as a reference language and giving a lot of speaking exercises for those who want them both: To understand the complexity of Turkish grammar and speak Turkish fluently. We also make our students practice a lot, and make them speak like a real Turkish person with colloquial phrases. Grammar and practising have equal weight in our classes. As students' levels rise, practising become the larger part of our teaching method.


We use our class notes and exercises for grammatical explanations. In addition, we follow TOMER's book Yeni Hitit, DILMER's books Yabancı Dilim Türkçe and Türkçe Okuyorum for exercises and readings. We do not limit our courses with a single textbook, because different books have different strengths and weaknesses. Our purpose is to combine their strong points. We provide you all necessary worksheets, readings, and audio files without extra charge.