Here is a short information on our e-book project: Turkish for Learners!

Şanslı Kaza (The Lucky Accident), the first book of the series, was released on April 20th, 2015 on Google Play. 

As an institution that has been working with Turkish learners for so many years, we know that they want to read books in Turkish. This is a great learning method to observe how sentences are structured and how various phrases are used based on different situations. However, most of the time they have to quit the books as grammar and vocabulary levels in a Turkish story can be too confusing for a beginner. They can try to read children stories, but usually the only different aspect of a book for children is the level of its vocabularies, not its grammar. In addition to that, adults are interested in reading adult stories, not children stories. This fact makes finding Turkish reading sources an overwhelming task for learners.

Turkish for Learners: Şanslı Kaza aims to create a nice and easy reading experience for those who have recently started to learn Turkish (i.e. A1-A2 level learners). In this short story, grammar level and vocabularies have been selected meticulously in an attempt to show beginners how basic Turkish sentences are structured and what words are used in different situations. There are more than 2000 words with 110 of them are highlighted which might be new to you. We hope you enjoy reading this story and improving your Turkish level with it.

The e-book series are soon to be followed by new books for more advanced learners. So, stay tuned!

To enjoy the first book, please click here to be directed to Google Play page.